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Greo Electronics offers free shipping worldwide on all non-Fluke items. If ordering Fluke products from Alaska or Hawaii, shipping rates will be calculated at checkout. Fluke products are not shipped out of the USA. Greo Electronics also offers free shipping to the following countries on all non-Fluke items: Australia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada. 

contact Greo Electronics with any further questio
ns or concerns regarding shipping policy.





Greo offers a 30 day, hassle free, money back or replacement guarantee. Full refunds or replacements will be granted on items that are defective under normal use, or that are faulty upon receipt. Order number will be required to receive replacement product or refund.

On orders of pre-owned merchandise, exchanges are not available as pre-owned items at Greo Electronics are of limited stock. Once this stock has been depleted, there is no guarantee that the product will be replenished. In the event stock has been depleted, full refunds will then be granted within 3-5 business days. Merchandise that is purchased in "new" condition are eligible for full refunds or replacements as decided by customer.

Please contact Greo with any further questions or concerns regarding return policy.





Greo buys pre-owned fluke testing equipment as well. When selling your devices, fill out the contact form under the "contact" tab, and let us know what your are wishing to sell. You will receive an email requesting images of your item, as well as the condition. You will then receive a quick estimated quote. The quote is just an estimate and may be subject to change depending on actual condition of the item when it has been received and inspected. 

If you wish to proceed with the selling process, you will receive half of this quoted amount directly to your PayPal account. This payment will be on hold in your account until item is received and inspected. Once you receive your initial payment, simply send in your items you wish to sell to Greo Electronics and allow up to 24hrs after the item has reached us to be tested for accuracy. Greo will provide the shipping label via the email you submitted. At the end of the 24hr period, if your item has passed testing and inspection, you will receive another quote for your item (which may be the original amount quoted or less, depending on condition) via email. If you accept the offer, you will instantly receive the remainder of what is owed to you to your PayPal account, and the total amount will then be released to you. If you decline offer, your items will be shipped back to you free of charge. In order to insure you receive the most accurate quote possible, send pictures of ALL defects, scuffs, and note all issues via your reply email prior to sending in your device.

All transactions will be subject to contract. You will receive a contract initially stating your are accepting the partial payment and that you are sending your item in to Greo Electronics for inspection. At this point, the item is still your possession. If you accept the offer, you will receive another contract stating you will accept the final price, and that you are selling the item to Greo Electronics and giving up all rights to the item. Contracts will be sent via email on file.

Note: Any and all illegal activity will be reported to law enforcement. You must have full legal rights to sell the equipment you wish to sell to Greo Electronics.





Buy backs will be available on Fluke products that are gently used and fall under the guidelines of "normal" use. Order numbers will be required to be eligible for buy back. Items displaying above normal abuse will be refused the buy back option.

 Greo pays return shipping for buy backs. Once item has reached Greo, please allow up to 5 days for testing and eligibility confirmation. Once your item has been accepted and is eligible for buy back, you will receive a quote for your merchandise that will be no greater than 40% of the purchase price depending on condition.

If offer is accepted, Your funds will be sent, and should take between 3-5 business days for recipient to receive funds. If offer has been declined, Greo will ship your items back free of charge. Take into account that the max allowable buy back price may not exceed 40% of the purchase price before sending in merchandise for buy back.

Please contact Greo with any further questions or concerns regarding the buy back option, or to request a quote for your gently used Fluke equipment!






There is no general privacy law or data collection law for e-commerce stores. However being that Greo Electronics resides in the state of California, it is required by law to display a privacy policy according to the California online privacy protection act (COPPA) of 2003. This law requires the information that you will see in the following text.

1. Kinds of information gathered by your website

Greo Electronics gathers information such as: full name, email address, and physical address, as well as sensitive information such as credit card and debit card information.

2. How is this information shared or disclosed

Greo Electronics uses information such as name, email, and physical address to provide shipping --and for marketing purposes. When you opt-in to Greo via the newsletter form, contact form, or upon request, you agree to receive promotional discounts and marketing emails to the email on file.

Sensitive information will be used to provide means of purchase. All transactions at Greo Electronics will be processed via PayPal, and our own secure checkout depending on customer preference. Greo will not share any sensitive information nor will it be accessible, or used, by any party other then PayPal and our secure checkout....ever.

3. The process your customers can follow to review and change the information you have on them

You can contact us at anytime to review or change your information. If you make purchases using PayPal, Please refer to your payment method on file for your PayPal account, or contact PayPal directly to make any changes, or to add/remove payment information.

4. This policies effective date

This policy is effective as of 1/1/18

Greo Electronics is 100% secured with a secure SSL with 256 bit encryption, and PayPal. With these powerful securities and PayPal buyers protection e-commerce feature, you can be sure you shopping experience will be risk free!



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